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Whether you鈥檙e new to this exciting industry or you鈥檙e an self managed property owner, Host Easy BnB makes it easy for you to earn the extra income, without the unnecessary effort. We can take care of as much as needed, from complete set and forget to active involvement or the supply of various services like linens and cleaning, property maintenance and upkeep, we are the solution you are looking for.

The premiere property management service for Airbnb and vacation rentals, we look after everything for your property and are the one stop shop for short-term rentals. By proactively managing every aspect of your home, we keep your bookings moving along and your guests happy. Host Easy BnB have defined processes and an everyday approach so that you can spend more time doing the things you love while we do all the work

Capitalise on Australia's Booming Tourism Industry

We are the lucky country and have realized the full potential in short term rentals. More than ever before people are travelling and seeing our country from top to bottom most enthusiastically. Yes there was a time there when everything went quiet, the world stopped travelling and Australians had to stay home.

Now everyone wants to get out and about, we are so pleased that everything is working like clockwork again and bookings are as busy as property owners would like. Now with time on our side and automated area's of the business working extremely well we look to bring on a select new group of properties and forward our direction as a boutique and quality service provider. Government agencies are providing unprecedented support for area's of marketing, tourism destinations and rural areas, metropolitan attractions and unique experiences around the country promoting growth never before seen in short term rentals.

Management service includes

Set Up Your Property

We start by assessing your property and making recommendations and discussing any area’s that may need attention. Detail is key so we work to specific check lists to make sure we’ve covered everything for you, nothing is missed. Your always welcome to join in on the creativity and enjoyment

of setting up. Tried and trusted sources for quality and economical linens and bedding to upmarket appointments, the list of our suppliers is complete. From first appearances on arrival to all corners of the property, staging and presentation is our game and we’re really good at what we do. Whether its to a specific budget or something more elaborate we have achieved amazing results for presentation before guests have booked. The results speak for themselves.

Manage Your Property

Management is a key aspect to success. Many boast automation and pricing tools, yes we consult and use these well, but they don’t replace that personal touch. Every property gets personalized attention and care as if it were our own. We don’t just let things run its course and hope for the best, we

review and assess sometimes daily. From pricing to availability, guest monitoring and interactions, upkeep and deep cleaning, there’s not a stone un-turned. We are communicative, polite and responsive to guests and owner needs, and rarely have problems arise. If your hot water service has an issue or your out of BBQ gas, we’re there promptly, keeping you informed right from the start.

Communication is Key

Every one involved is important. Owners, guests and the very platforms we use are kept in communication. A bit old fashioned in our approach we like to touch base with guests before a check in, right on booking they are greeted and welcomed to your property. After check out, we

thank them for booking and invite them back again and prompt them for a good review. So too, you like to stay in your property, visit and perhaps monitor aspects of your home. Part of communication is to liaise when necessary with agencies like Air BnB, and other providers to ensure everything is running smoothly. We provide to you an owner portal and access to your listing, its great to read such positive reviews and how much guests love your place.


The most important part of any BnB, this is a well honed and developed cleaning process. Our cleaners are well versed in your property and use specific checklists to achieve a true 5 Star standard each and every time. Inside and out is important, decks need cleaning, weeds need removing, blinds and sills

dusted, windows and a range of targeted area’s of a home are constantly monitored and kept in order. We check linens carefully and ensure our approved Laundry service are on time and doing a top job. Fresh pressed and cleaned linens maketh the stay. We don’t believe in just cleaning whats obvious or needed, your home gets cleaned in the same thorough manner no matter how well left a home was according to our check list. Our saying is that “every home should be kept exactly in the condition the owner left it in”

What are clients saying

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The best pricing options on the market

As low as 13% + GST

Your Short Term Rental Property managed by an experienced and professional team.

We as the owners of Host Easy BnB as a business own a number of our own properties and started out many years ago with our own prized and cherished new home expanding to various styles of places to stay. We took the pride and commitment we applied for ourselves and now deliver this well honed process to our clients and new comers to the industry.

We know of the pitfalls and the shortcuts many others take but we apply our own tried and tested learning’s to servicing the right guests and exceptional home owners we work with. Always a personal touch, our professionalism guarantees you that your not just another place that will do or take anything to get a booking. We care for all facets of the service including neighbours and the environment.

Short-term rental vs Traditional rental

Short term rental commonly referred to as ‘Air BnB’ is now a generic term for all online travel agencies such as and Stayz or VRBO. There are literally hundreds of platforms similar which all offer bookings for places to stay. Traditional full time rental is consumed by one agency and then becomes a myriad of overwhelming applications and vetting as the final word by a home owner to an agent which

still doesn’t guarantee the best solution. Tenancy agreements and ongoing fee’s to an agent can be a nightmare. We vet every guest and provide strict criteria to book. We enforce policies such as No Schoolies, No unattended minors, No parties, No smoking, Noise restrictions and hours for enjoyment of facilities like a games room or sound. Guests must have Government verified I.D, previous recent good reviews and a history of positive bookings with other properties.

Short term rental provides many benefits such as regular if not weekly thorough cleaning of a property, constant upkeep and attention to things like garden and amenities in the home such as a pool or fixtures like blinds and appliances. Often guests eat out, rarely an oven is even used for example. The home is constantly inspected and kept secure, we know exactly who is coming and going. No need for hoping every six months or longer how your property is being kept, whats going on in it or who else is coming and going. No need to guess what exactly goes on and how they are treating and using your asset.

Short term rental provides good cover that minimizes maintenance issues or damages which is rare. If a guest accidentally breaks a coffee cup or a bowl, they usually speak up immediately and concern themselves with meeting our expectations to avoid negative reviews that can impact their future potential to book other places. Why wait until the worst possible stage to then try and blacklist a tenant or become involved in lengthy and difficult processes to recover damages. Short term rental can provide more than 3 times the average return a full time rental provides per annum, even with weekly rents at $500+AUD. Any council requirements or by-laws are easily adhered to and caring for your neighbors and the environment ensures we are working well within a local community.

See the benefits with short term rental as opposed to full time rental.

Mannagum 路 Modern Stylish and Spacious Phillip Island Getaway

Entire residential home hosted by Michael 2 Bathrooms 路 4 Bedrooms 路 6 Beds 路 Private Bathroom

Phillip Island Escape in Style

Entire residential home hosted by Michael 2 Bathrooms 路 4 Bedrooms 路 5 Beds 路 Private Bathroom

Phillip Island Ramada Resort Family Retreat

Entire villa hosted by Michael 2 Bathrooms 路 3 Bedrooms 路 5 Beds 路 Private Bathroom

Host Easy BnB Professional Property Management Services

Frequently asked questions

We charge a small fee (inc GST) of the STRP (Short Term rental Payout) after the OTA’s fee. Linen costs and cleaning fees are always charged to the guests inclusive of their booking. The STRP is usually paid to Host Easy BnB and then we pay you via direct deposit on a monthly basis with a complete detailed statement emailed to you. We are always flexible on arrangements, we discuss everything in detail on consultation.
We host Villa’s, Large 4-5 Bedroom Homes, Apartments, Glamping and many unique and stand out properties. We work well with Body Corporation’s and councils to meet everyone’s expectations. Most of our properties are located in tourist areas, CBD鈥檚 & popular locations, country wide into rural locations. Ideally, they need to be fully furnished and self-contained. We are really good at 鈥榮taging鈥 and setting up everything needed, from an empty premise to a functioning set up place. We can lend items, purchase to a budget or source economical quality items as needed, there’s usually some tweaks that can be found to help boost appearance and there fore guest bookings.
Yes, There is no minimum time commitment. Some clients opt for only supplying Christmas period bookings and all main holiday periods and many chose to host 365 days a year with total availability.

Yes, you can block out any dates you choose, as long as there are no bookings already confirmed.

Host Easy BnB will need at least a couple days notice if you are wishing to stay at your property. This will ensure the property is available and ready for you stay.

During and after you stay you will be responsible for cleaning and any other costs associated with your stay.

We refer to these as consumables. These are items like Soap, Shampoo & Conditioner, Washing Powder, Dish washing Liquid & Tablets, Garbage Bags, Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Milk, Toilet Paper etc Host Easy BnB organizes these items for you at a reduced and economical cost, everything is itemized in your monthly statement. Ongoing costs like these are not expensive.
The crux of the game, Linen will need to be a minimum of two sets per bed and 2 sets of towels/face washers per person. Also 2 mattress & pillow protectors per bed are recommended practice. A third set is ideal allowing to maximize turnover of bookings and still work with our laundry services and cleaners. We can advise you on the best sources for these items and have excellent well known wholesalers on our books.
Yes, we can if your property isn鈥檛 already on Airbnb, we鈥檙e able to set all that up for you. We also make your listing available to other platforms such as Stayz and
The Airbnb Host Guarantee protects hosts up to $1,000,000. Please note Airbnb explains on its website that 鈥渃ertain type of property, such as jewellery, collectables and artwork have more limited protections. Hosts may want to secure or remove such valuables when renting their place, and may want to consider independent insurance to cover such items. We do recommend you have homeowners or landlord insurance regardless of the coverage that Airbnb offers.
Yes, Our cleaning partners are great cleaners and trustworthy. Cleaning/linens are always paid by guests. If you already have a cleaner, that鈥檚 ok we are happy to work with them. We are meticulous and fastidious about cleaning and we have a backup team for urgent or emergency maintenance and extra heavy cleaning assistance.
We take care of all communications as Host Easy BnB for you, right from the booking to post check out we communicate with the guests and provide them with 24/7 support.
We like to complete guest reviews and ensure guests leave a positive review of their stay. Reviews are a very important part of your properties success.
We are a strict no parties or schoolies policy, no unattended minors or children to be left at the property. Guests must provide Government I.D and have previous current reviews from other stays. Our guest vetting process ensures quality guests such as families and couples book.

Dependent on the area your property is in some regulations may apply. We are part of ASTRA (Australia Short Term Rental Association) and support meeting all regulations for conducting safe and legal accommodation. We will consult with you when we discuss your property if there are any requirements for your area.

Yes we have our own in house professional photography and equipment to make sure we have real estate quality photography of your place.
Please call us, text or reach out via our website We鈥檒l contact you back to find out more about your property and answer any questions you might have. Then, if you鈥檙e interested, we鈥檒l send one of team out to meet you.

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