Our Services

Daily Housekeeping

After each guest leaves, fresh linen and towels will be placed and the house will be professionally cleaned.

Adjustable Rates

At greater demand, the rates go up automatically.


Together we make sure that all the amenities work well for guests to use,

Monthly Reports to Owners

Each month we send a report about the reservations and reviews of guests

Customer Service

24/7 Receptionist for all the help you need.

Smart Lock Entry System

No hassle with keys, we decide who enters and for how long with a Smart lock system.

Property Maintenance

We keep the gardens and exterior of the property in tip top shape with professional contractors

Feel Safe and Relaxed

Feel safe and relaxed knowing we keep an eye on your property with non intrusive patrols and monitoring of current bookings

Secure Transactions and Payments

Guests must have paid for their booking and provided a security deposit before check in. Funds transferred like clockwork to your account.