Short term Rental Boom for property owners


Now is the time to take advantage of renting your home to visitors and holiday makers as return to travel and the easing of restrictions are apon us all. Air BnB and other booking channels are providing more short term rental bookings than ever before and for property owners, managers and services such as Host Easy BnB are delivering exceptional results for owners and guests alike. In this post we’ll be talking about what the market is experiencing and how you can take advantage of this with an experienced and professional management team.

What is Short term Rental and why is this important

Short term rental is accommodation for holiday makers, visitors to tourist destinations and people looking for a break or escape for a few days, typically less than a week, sometimes up to a couple of weeks. Long term rental makes a lot less money and has inherent problems. Air BnB is but one example of an ‘Online Travel Agency’ or ‘OTA’ and is pivotal in creating reputation, bookings and results for any short term rental business model whether your an owner or the business/professional managing the property for the owner.

The History of Short Term Rental

The market began with ‘Air mattress Bed and Breakfast’ many years ago in 2007 when 3 guys turned renting air mattresses in their apartment into a $31Billion dollar empire called Air BnB.

Terms to Know

BnB – Bed and Breakfast. Nowadays breakfast isn’t always included in you nights stay.

OTA – Online travel agency, typically Air BnB but not exclusive to. Many OTAs exist such as, Stayz and Agoda

STR – Short Term Rental

The Pros and Cons of Short Term Rental

Pros – Constant weekly cleaning and upkeep of your property

            Higher returns than full time rental

            Very little heavy use of amenities

Cons – Can reduce your time at your property

            Some Council regulations can apply

            Not the right guests if you don’t know what your doing

How to List your property

  • Contact a reputable management agency such as Host Easy BnB
  • Meet and appraise the property
  • Provide access to property by agreement and provision of keys or code
  • Develop ‘Stage’ property to appeal to guests
  • List and market the listing to potential guests
  • Utilise professional photography and reputable hosts
  • Organise quality Laundry and cleaning service
  • Take bookings and liaise with potential guests

Tips for Listing your property

  • Check the reputation and reviews of guests and owners for your property manager
  • Create a welcome and relaxing space for guests
  • Use a professional photography for real estate or use photo’s from the sale of the property
  • Set a nightly rate that’s competitive and reflective of the quality of stay you offer
  • Be communicative and responsive to guests needs



Making the transition with your property can be daunting, there’s a lot of mis-information and bad stories to put any property owner off. Here at Easy BnB, thats the key, making it β€œEasy”. Utilizing us will help you become informed and gain results quickly and safely without the problems many find. It’s about suiting the right guests, not any guests or any price.

Contact us now for a friendly chat, you will be amazed with what you will learn in the first 5 minutes! There’s no lock in contracts, no obligation and you are free to talk to us as much as you want. Contact Host Easy BnB now! You won’t be disappointed.

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